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Blogging gets boring. I thought it might not. I liked writing about climbing and about people and stuff that happens in between. But then even i found that boring. Maybe everyone else found it boring to begin with because when i read other peoples blogs i get bored and just look at the pictures. Damn. You can try to make it funny, or serious or thought provoking. I did that sometimes but it's quite hard to think of jokes. The best jokes i have made have been accidental puns. I don't even know who reads my blog so i'm not sure theres much point in publishing it online, but then sometimes someone says 'hey i read your blog' and i say 'orite, ta'.

Maybe I've become boring because I started climbing. My sister said to me the other day 'you used to be quite cool!' (!!!!). Then we were laughing about it because we both know i've never been that cool, i just make accidental puns and am really a bit awkward.  Climbing as a conversational topic is pretty dull though so i don't think its me that has become boring. I think its just that people get a bit stuck in little thought loops from doing the same things and talking about the same things. These loops leave a little stain in your brain like when you spill beer on the carpet and don't clean it properly and are not necessarily a bad thing but certainly have an impact on the way you make decisions and think about things and people. But then you can't just exist and experience stuff in constant immediacy so thats tough. I don't really like lad culture but there was a sticker i saw when i was a Facebook liker of  'the lad bible' that said 'don't be a dick'. I think thats probably good worldly advice and people should be nice to each other and talk about things they think are important to anyone because its good to have other peoples thoughts in your brain too. And obviously lad bible lads can be alrite too.

I like walking up hills even in the rain. I don't really think it matters what the weather is like because when you really look at them they all just lumps of heathery rocks with arbitrary heights that only mean anything if you are following munros tables and want to bag them all like pokemon. I remember saying to marcus a couple years ago that it would be interesting if you could figure out what it really was in particular you liked about going climbing, or hillwalking or just lying in heather and eating brie. I have always been quite happy to do the lying in the heather and eating but then i do other stuff too. Is it the heather then, the weather, the remoteness, or the awesome feeling you get in your face when the car radiator is on and you have been in a blizzard for most of the day. It's nice being in the hills on your own but not that nice so its probably just the friends. Why can't you just lie down in the middle of your flat for a whole day and be happy? Callum and i were lying on my floor the other night now that i come to think of it and we were happy enough but then we had to go and socialise.  Now that i think of it i think my last blog post covers these points with better grammar and less waffle and more fancy words and maybe i should just refer to that. Or i should read the russian novel i have that everyone sais is good but i thought the start was boring so gave it up.

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