Summer 2012

The past few weeks have been a blast. Despite the weather, me and my compadre Rory have managed to get a lot of climbing, biking and a little spearfishing done. Chasing the sun (or avoiding the rain) by flitting around the place has been rewarding - we've been able to climb at loads of new venues in the east and west and i'm feeling a lot more confident with my trad purely as a result of the mileage. The spearfishing venture is theoretically improving - despite not having actually caught any fish yet - it's at least been fun to get underwater and swim amongst the kelp. Apparently there's an abundance of lobster in the east so theoretically,  it's only a matter of time.. I've been convinced to enter a biking event, and have been training a little over the past few weeks. I'm not quite sure what to expect because its my first 'race'. If you want to check it out or donate; here's the link: The next few posts are a bit late now, but hey, i need something to fill up this space!
 Me and Falke's bikes at the Easan Dorcha bothy during another awesome Torridon riding trip.

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